The Warm Weather Suit.

The Infamous Windsors.


i was not ready


aha i finally drew them :’)


i hate hot weather

eeemmmm, so, happy bday trickztr​ (enmm, um, one day late, sorry so so sorry)

so, trick said something about family  polaroids and i had no idea it was her birthday when i started drawing this but i guess i might as well publish it eeehhh yeah

frankie is not that tall he’s just on a bench or smth??¿

okay, first of all the drawing kind of sucks i know, and frankie is hella creepy. ( i can’t draw kids) the black dots are magnets because enjolras hanged the pic on their fridge? idk i imagine the conversation when like this:

Grantaire: Enjolras, destroy that photo, I look like a homeless person and Frankie looks like the devil’s child

Enjolras: Never. 

'cause Enjolras took that photo and for some reason is very fond of it?

Oh, yeah I forgot the characters come from her fic Not a rom-com so that bit of dialogue is my imagination an not related to the fic so yeah, sorry, again

ALSO trick i am sososos sorry ‘cause I didn’t remember if Frankie had curly hair or what 

er, emmm, i’m so sssorry in general


all i want is to see Seijuurou’s little sister


victims of the 90’s


La gatta (Gino Paoli)

There was a cat
with a black mark on his snout
in an old attic near the sea

If I played the guitar
the cat would purr
and a star would fall nearby

Now everything has changed
I live in a beautiful house
beautiful as you want

But I think about a cat
with a black mark on his snout
in an old attic near the sea
and a star I no longer see


Finally finished these nerds: les amis part 1. Chetta has Joly’s goldfish tattooed and Eponine has Montparnasse’s someone’s car keys for some reason. (Tumblr’s acting up right now so I can’t make this an icon set.)